Cutlery Hire in Adelaide



When it comes to table styling, you really cannot beat the finishing touch of a textile or cutlery… it can change the entire look. We have one of the largest cutlery ranges available to wedding couples, event planners and corporate events. Gold, Black, Rose Gold, White + Silver, Black + Gold….all available to hire in Adelaide.

Some hot tips from the experts…

  • Always ensure you check with your venue around what pieces will be needed for full service. Include butter knives or dessert cutlery if needed too!  They may also need some for share items such as vegetables or salads.
  • Do not expect them to wash any pieces and reset mid service. Not only is this poor etiquette, it makes the caterer look unprofessional and they simply do not have time!
  • Do not give knives to babies or under 5 year olds – they are sharp and we would hate for any little fingers or eyes to end up injured
  • Always order a couple of spares and ensure suppliers have some too if they have a setting or on location (not a venue).
  • You will be asked to not put through the dishwasher – please don’t…. the caustic chemicals in some commercials machines strip the gold and coloured coating. We have a specialised cleaning process hence asking for them to come back the day after. Hand washing is fine with no scorer and NO SOAKING!
  • Always check under tables or sinks – behind the bar….at end of night if you are DIY these as they can end up in all sorts of places!
  • Know how to set your table… if you don’t ….ASK!  A knife blade ALWAYS faces in.
  • We recommend wearing white cotton gloves to set your cutlery (also during Covid) as this will ensure no finger prints are left prior to guests arriving. We recommend wearing latex gloves when handing any products post event during these times.

Below are just some of the wonderful styles or cutlery we have for hire in Adelaide. We can’t wait to supply your next dinner party, function, wedding or event.

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We stock one of Australia’s Largest Cutlery Hire Ranges

Some of out babies in use:

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