Tie, knot, lay or fold….there isn’t a right or wrong way

Our linen + cotton napkin range very much steals the show in a table scape. There’s just something about the pop of colour paired with a lush floral piece and moody candlelight.

People always ask us how they should style their hire linens…. well there is no wrong or right way. Here are some examples to get your brain buzzing.

We like to think about the base they are going on when we style. Is it a bare table? A textured or pattered linen cloth? Are the flowers large, solid and block colours?

The cotton crepe or erosion work beautifully with a flat base such a pure linen cloth or blank table. They bring depth and texture when knotted or ruffled. Even draped across the setting works as the fabric holds shape.

Our “Molly” frayed napkins are a great for the knot style also as it shows off the fray beautifully. They still work in a flat or drop fold too!

The pure linen 2cm napkins are perfect for a clean and simple look, folding easily and neatly after they are professionally pressed and dry cleaned. Rest assured they can be knotted or simply draped at a setting too, but pure linen doesn’t hold shape as well.

We are always happy to do the folds for you at a cost. Just ask. Just keep in mind that transporting knots is problematic and it’s takes up a large amount of transport space. When we do this for clients we never pile them up, so that the perfect freshly knotted look can be achieved. If you stack them once tied, they will lose their oomph!

We can’t wait to see what you create with the items you’ve hired!

Below are some examples of how our hire napkins can be styled. We also hire a large range of gold, black, rose gold, silver and two tone cutlery which pair perfectly with our napkin range.

Textured Linen Options

Top Right: Courtesy of Goldlight Photography Bottom Left Courtesy of Katherine Schultz Photographer


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Premium linen and napkin hire in Adelaide


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Well hello there you fabulous human…

Welcome to our new hustle… yes we may look new but we’ve been around a long time.

The Honoured brand will represent all things bespoke hire in Adelaide and we look forward to bringing you the best quality products for your wedding or event as always.

To hire our special range, we ask you head to the hire area and submit a wishlist request. We will back in contact asap.

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