Where are you located?

Thebarton, South Australia


Do you offer a showroom?

 At this point in time we only have online presence due to the high workload we are facing and small team. With many items out most weeks along with specialising in one off pieces, it makes it hard to have them on display! 

We are always happy to take photos for you and can send swatches of our linens. 


Can we collect and return items ourselves?

Yes, most items can be collect and return by the customer. Plinths and some tables are delivery and collect only due to being fragile and expensive to replace.

We have rules surrounding how items can be transported. As many of our items are breakable or need to be handled with care – trailers, open vehicles and utes are not suitable for some items. Glass plates in a trailer is a recipe for disaster.

If unsure, please reach out to discuss the best option for transport. There is nothing worse than having to turn you away if we think that our items won’t be safe to travel – we want them to make it to your event too! 


When can we collect and return our items?

For items booked on a Thursday/Friday event – Collection is on a Wednesday 4-6.30PM

For items booked on a Saturday/Sunday event – Collection is on a Thursday 4-6.30PM

All returns are Monday between 10am and 2pm ONLY. 

These are set due to our items needing high care, dry cleaning, soaking or polishing that takes time. Most items are out week to week and if you are late it can delay the next customer and delay care to the items. ‘

We are a small team and having to accomodate personalised collection times of every order would be very hard to navigate and operate. 

Events held on other days will be discussed on a case by case. 

Our address isn’t made public as we collection and return only. 


Do you offer delivery and collection to our venue? 

Yes. It is quoted in addition to hire costs and will be listed on the proposal. We cannot guarantee delivery and collection of your goods unless booked – so if you absolutely need this we suggest booking early and ensuring you check what other events are at the venue prior and post your event.

We have limited spots and the available windows will be show at the top of the proposal you are went.

Those windows are based on other orders booked we will have reviewed these before sending your our proposal.

Items MUST be packed up as instructed for collection so you will need to make sure floral, signage removed and items bagged, wrapped and boxed as if a courier was coming. We should be able to arrive, pickup and go. 


I want to hire linen but I am unsure how to work out what i need. 

We recommend getting a proposed floor plan from your venue. You will need the length + width of the table. If a row – how long is the row? 

ie. Row 1 is made up of 3 x 2.4M Trestles and therefore the row is 7.2M in total top length. 

Round tables – most 8-10 pax tables are 1.8m Round Tops but always check with the venue. 

Make sure you have accounted for other tables like Cake, Gift Table, DJ, Signing or anywhere else you may need. 

There are many sizes in trestles and tables and therefore it is best you get this from your venue/planner/caterer. 


Do you take Credit Card?

Due to the high level of Credit Card fraud at the current time, we have chosen to only take bank transfer or cash. 


What if I don’t know my final numbers as yet?

Totally fine – We always advise customers to book their invited guests (plus a few spares if you have vendor meals). At 60-30 days we allow a 10% change to the order (unless a custom order for client which will have been discussed). 

At 30 days we need your final numbers – by then you will have your rsvp’s coming in and should know an accurate number. Please do not expect us to have more available during busy times.

This is why we have a 30 day rule so that we can have as much time as possible to try and cover any items that get damaged etc. 


What are the payment terms?

To secure your booking we ask for 40% of the total as a non refundable booking fee. Final balance will be due at 14 days. If you up your order, you may be asked to top up your 40% to ensure this is met.

We may take a bond to ensure safe keeping of our items. Any additional costs such as damage, loss or cleaning will be taken from this first. If the costs exceed this then we will bill accordingly post event and is due within 7 days. 


We want to get a quote, where should we start?

If you head to Hire Range you will be able to see all of our items and submit a Wishlist. Make sure you select the qty’s and ensure we have the venue if you need delivery. You will get a confirmation email if the wishlist has been received.

If not after checking spam, then it hasn’t worked or perhaps your email address was incorrect. We will send you an itemised proposal with costs and availability. This is only valid for 7 days.


Table Linen, Cutlery, Candle Holders and much more

We look forward to working with you!